Who I am


Hey I am Fable Siegel and I’m the creator of Umbagog.

I was born in New Hampshire and thought it would be fun to make a comic set there.

The characters you read about are inspired by people I know and things I care about.

Currently I’m living in Los Angeles. I migrate between different animation studios and freelance between gigs.

I juggle two comics. Umbagog and Blackblood Alliance. You can follow me on my blog at Fablepaint.tumblr.com.

You can also follow in-progress commentary on Umbagog’s Twitter UmbagogComic



These awesome people have helped me when I’m trying to hit a deadline,

when I’m in a creative rut, or just lack the patience to do it myself right then. Thanks guys!


Script Assistance: Marissa “OmniWitch” Smith, Ash “Carni” WagnerKay FedewaClint Pereira

Flatter: Ash “Carni” Wagner

Colorists: Ash “Carni” Wagner, Kay Fedewa, Marissa “Psshaw”




Questions? Inquiries? Opportunities?

Email me at